2022 Wine club vintage Update


  • The 2017 Pinot Noir is aging very nicely in the bottle, developing a slight rust color and delicate nose, it has become a true expression of a Burgundian style pinot where the winemaking has not overpowered the fruit profile.  The delicate nature of the pinot grape is truly found in this vintage.  With notes of earthiness, forest floor and leather, it is a wonderful expression of classic Pinot Noir.  Drink now or lay down for 15+ years.  Total cases produced 191. 


  • The 2018 Pinot Noir is more robust both in color, nose and tasting notes.  It is more fruit forward on the pallet with more distinct and defined tannin notes on the finish.   It’s younger age translates to a lively celebration of mouthfeel.  Drink now or lay down for 15+ years. Total cases produced 207.


  • The 2018 Pinot Gris continues to live up to it’s award winning standard and continues to be one of our top sellers for summer time sipping.  Pears, apples and floral notes on the nose with a beautiful honeysuckle backdrop that is truly mouthwater.  This vintage continues to be a top seller.  Only 24 cases remain of the 100 cases produced. 


  • The 2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir Another summer time favorite that is going fast, only 60 cases remain of the 150 cases produced.  This Rosé was produced using a unique cold stablization technique to increase longevity.  A refreshing burst of floral notes mingles with white peaches and strawberries where relaxing warm summer days come to mind.  Citrus zest, tea and tangerine notes linger on the finish with the French Provence style Rosé.


  • The 2019 White Pinot Noir has been one of our best sellers.  The process of making White Pinot is similar to a red wine with the primary difference being the lack of skin contact.  Our White Pinot has a subtle rose gold color to round out it’s uniqueness.  This is a delicious, very plushy, medium body wine with good mouthfeel with a soft creamy finish.  Total cases produced 140.


40:31 Wines – Sparkling wine

All sparkling wines produced by 40:31 Wines are made in the traditional, Méthode Champenoise style.  Tiny bubbles are produced by secondary fermentation in the bottle.


  • The 2017 Blanc de Noir won a prestigious double gold and was sold out in less then six months, only 3 cases remain in our wine library for very special occasions. 


  • The 2018 Blanc de Noir won both Best of Show in the sparkling category and a Double Gold medal at the 2022 McMinnville Food & Wine Classic.  This refreshing sparkling wine starts with citrus on the nose with a soft creamy finish and a touch of vanilla rounds out the flavors beautifully.  Only 40 cases of this cuvee were dosaged in 2021.  However, don’t worry, we have another 40 cases planned for release this year which will have another year on the lees.  Stay tuned as we’ll update our club members first on the availability of the next release.  Only 10 cases remaining of the first cuvee.  

new vintages are coming soon!


  • The second disgorgement of our 2018 Blanc de Noir is the same base wine as our first cuvee, but with another year “on the lees.”  Flavor profiles will benefit from this extended Tirage. 


  • The Sparkling Rosé is our first ever vintage of “pink” sparkling.  This vintage should be available for purchase in May of 2022.  


  • The 2019 Pinot Noir continues to rest comfortably in the bottle.  We had expected to have it ready for the Spring 2022 club shipment as this would provide a nice three vintage vertical selection.  However it needs a bit more maturity and we hope to have it ready for release in the Fall of 2022.  The additional aging time “in bottle” means it will be a blockbuster release so stay tuned!  We’ll keep our club members apprised of the status of the 2019 Pinot Noir and will offer you first access before releasing to the public.  Total cases produced 196.